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Solid Perfection Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan Corporation established in 1998. Solid Perfection Engineering Co., Ltd. is your personal and professional coordinator for assisting you in completing your job successfully with the supply of GT V84.2, V84.3, V94.2 & V94.3A Spare Parts and provision of engineering and technical support services.

Our international network of local and global strategic business associates and alliances acts as our platform and allows us to reach your requirements and procure and deliver items that you specify for use in the Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and Power Generator and Industry Turbines. We maintained a loyal international partners base serving both commercial and government facilities throughout the world.

Solid Perfection has assembled a team especially for the purpose of providing thermal power plant and industrial turbine solutions. We intend to support customers work toward becoming a low-cost and effective power producer.To reach our clients target we either recommend alternative / non-OEM or new gas turbine components and services at a reduced cost which we feel best fits your specifications and budget.